Portable Kantha Quilt


Ah, the exquisite versatility of our Personal Kantha Quilt.   In how many ways are they incorporated into my island day?  How can such a gorgeous work of handcrafted art be also the ultimate workhorse?

 Kantha starts as that extra throw at the foot of my bed which I pull up over night for a bit of extra warmth.

 The purple and green one  awaits me on the couch to warm my toes as I sip my morning tea.  

Then I spread it out onto the lawn for my morning stretches.  When I gather all the fruits that had fallen over night, I tie them within to carry them indoors for juicing and dehydrating.

 Later, we head to the beach, sometimes just Kantha and me. Her vibrant authenticity is like having a companion. What a gracious invitation to lay down and marvel at the beauty in each stitch and in nature’s glory.

 And, for the showstopper, when it is time to leave the beach for a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market before heading home, one good shake and Kantha wraps around perfectly making a wrap, a thing of wearable beauty that actually gets multiple compliments from fellow shoppers who are stopped in their tracks.  I smile and say, “ Oh, this old thing?

Layers are quilted by hand have colorful binding + a little appliqué heart sewn in the corner.

These pretty quilts have 6-8 up-cycled layers of sari cotton.

Made in India with Love

Machine wash/dry

Each is unique in size and these are cut from full size quilts:

Aprox 48" x 59"

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