About us

Aloha friends,
I'm Kathryn Letson, creator of By the sea.
A luxury, zero waste brand Designed in Hawaii and
produced in small batches globally by fair trade Artisans.
organic        simple          natural       comfortable
I left NYC and the corporate world behind
for a slow tropical life and island ways.
After years in the fashion industry. I wanted to do everything slowly,
taking my time to really create some thoughtful items.
Based on a clutter-free lifestyle, I've created and produced a line of zero waste essential items for daily use that I hope you will love!
By the sea includes Women's beach + lounge clothing ,
accessories and home goods.
Running a business in alignment and practicing fair trade creates healthy business relationships for everyone, it's integrity in motion.
Created honestly with natural and certified organics GOTS. factories.
Who contributes to the brand?
A group of professional Global Artisans, mostly small family run businesses.
Building a brand with love creates magic,
We look forward to bringing you great products for years to come and we thank you so much for supporting our work!