Market Totes

Our fabulous grocery totes make shopping an adventure in beauty and consciousness.   Two generous shoulder length straps will surprise you with their strength.  These wonderful additions to your life have multiple uses for  produce storage or bulk items. At check out, appreciate the admiring glances that you receive by being the person who refuses plastic bags.

Not just for shopping, these mighty little bags are great for shoe bags,  laundry, wrapping a present (zero waste style) or whatever you come up with.

Organic fabric bags are just plain smart and have so many uses!

They come in a four pack of ever changing, multi colored block prints or choose our  plain gauze, undyed, natural version. 

11" x 16"

Pure organic Indian cotton

Here's a tip to keep your produce fresh:
Get the bag damp, enclose the produce and put it in the fridge, it will prolong the life of your produce.
Machine wash and use over and over!

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